Here is a summary of a project we worked on with our Client

The Client: Sandringham Financial Partners
The Challenge: Sandringham used to manually create artwork for each adviser taking the Chief Technology Officer over a day a week to handle the demand, a hugely inefficent use of his time. They were looking for improved print quality, service and turnaround times for their Advisers’ print requirements.

The Solution: Claremon conducted a print audit and identified 3 key areas of improvement:

1. Online templates – To keep all the artwork on brand and compliant for FCA approval. Advisers fill out the templates, saving time and removing resources needed to create artwork.
2. Print turnaround time – To improve service and decrease turnaround times from order to delivery.
3. Approval process – Instant and traceable, each order is allocated to an adviser.

A cost proposal and business case was created to cover the stationery to start with. This then was followed with a suite of documents, such as, Client Agreements and Tax Guides.
The Result: A portal created to compliment the brand style of Sandringham. An increase in orders through the marketing department due to the faster turnaround. Saving resources in the marketing department as the pre-designed templates were on-brand and compliant prior to receiving the orders. The ability for Head Office to approve orders prior to print.

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