Claremon Print Expands Direct Mail Campaign Expertise


Advertising mail or print marketing is now the third largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.3bn every year. It’s a powerful medium; research shows that on average, 51% of all mail is read immediately, with a further 19% followed up later. (Statistics courtesy of JICMail, the Joint Industry Committee for Mail).

JICMAIL Accredited Partner

Managing direct mail campaigns is a significant part of our business at Claremon, and we are focused on providing an effective and professional service for our clients. We’re pleased to announce that we are now an accredited partner of JICMail, demonstrating that we have access to JICMail data as well as the ability to utilise this data in planning and measuring the effectiveness of mail campaigns.

The benefits for Claremon clients

JICMail accreditation allows us access to up-to-date information to plan and execute campaigns, as well as estimating and measuring their effectiveness.

“JICMail measures the reach of mail campaigns, the frequency with which audiences are exposed to (or interact with) their mail, the ad impressions generated by mail campaigns, along with a whole host of commercial outcomes for advertisers.”

As an accredited partner, we also have access to the JICMail brand database, so we can analyse direct mail campaigns undertaken by brands and competitors, giving a real insight into the potential for this medium and improving commercial mail outcomes.

“We believe JICMail Accreditation will give us and our clients an important insight into the impact of direct mail campaigns and help us to make informed decisions about how to accelerate their Marketing success.”

John Conroy, Managing Director Claremon

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