These are indeed unprecedented times and I wanted to let you know what action we are taking, and have already taken, during the current crisis in the interest of the safety and well-being of our team, customers, suppliers, friends and the wider community and to assure you that we are here and operating to our full capability.

If you have a comment, suggestion or any expertise I welcome your advice and ideas – it’s our first time too! If you see an idea you would like to implement give me a call if you want the details. I am more than happy to share them with you.

The well-being of our team and their families remains our number one priority and for the last 4 weeks we have introduced measures to protect them while causing as little disruption as possible. I have, for some time been supportive of the team working from home (admittedly my motives were more to do with the happiness of my team and environment than protection from a virus) so we have the infrastructure in place already.

Customers and suppliers can be assured that we are here to support you throughout this period. We will be on the end of the phone or email, furthermore if you expect cash flow or operational difficulties and wish to discuss an extension to credit facilities or payment plans please contact me directly or my finance team,, and we will do all we can to support your business over the period of the crisis.
Having just started rolling out our biggest ever investment in capability, with the introduction of wide format print we know how important it is to manage cash and look after staff.

Here are some of the steps we have taken:
• Only essential visitors to the site.
• All visitors and staff are asked to wash hands upon entry to the building ( and of course frequently through the day).
• Our team has been divided into two distinct teams and one will have no contact with the other throughout the crisis – handover will be written or by phone and the building will be left empty for 30 minutes at changeover while the building is fully ventilated – this applies to contractors too.
• The last 15 minutes of everyone’s shift before they leave the building will be used to sanitise their workstation and work area and open doors and windows to improve ventilation.
• All sales staff are working from home.
• Non essential face to face meetings are cancelled.
• Our drivers will carry anti-bacterial gel, where possible we will use overnight couriers.
• Daily production huddles are cancelled in favour of written/email/chat comms.
• During week commencing 16/3 all admin, finance, estimating and design staff will be working from home and where visits to our site are essential, this is minimised and only in line with their segregated teams times. Please see below a full list of direct dial numbers for every member of staff. Please use these numbers should you need to contact any of our staff, instead of calling the main landline number.
• Improved wash facilities, disposable towels and the availability of alcohol based hand sanitisers throughout the building.
• In order to encourage honesty when people are rightly worried about their own finances, our team can access a hardship fund should they need to report symptoms, which should help bridge the gap between SSP and their minimum requirement.
• Anyone who wishes to take time to self isolate or care for loved ones will be allowed to take leave.

Direct Dial Numbers
Christian – 01274 037335
Nikki – 01274 037324
Mark – 01274 037323
Yvonne – 01274 037330
Peter – 01274 037325
Ian – 01274 037338
Kelsey – 01274 037337

My team and I wish you, your families and colleagues well over the coming months and assure you we are here to help wherever we can. I believe we will emerge at the other side a little jaded from what is bound to be a tough time but we may find a different perspective and some ideas about the way we work, commute and travel.

Finally “thankyou” to all my wonderful team – who have behaved professionally, thoughtfully and selflessly making the right choices for our business – and also customers, suppliers, our bank and financial backers – I am lucky to genuinely enjoy working with you all and I learn every day from your gifts of kindness and wisdom.
Stay well and don’t forget to wash your hands.