Net Zero Impact by 2030 – Supporting our customer’s transition to more sustainable business


There’s a groundswell of opinion that’s gathering pace, demonstrating the real commercial benefits for everyone in taking a responsible and sustainable approach to the way we all work.

The past two years have forced us all to take stock and reflect on what’s really important to us. We support the growing conviction that the human footprint on our planet is too heavy, so we’ve pledged as a business to achieve net zero impact on our environment by 2030.

<0 2030

A big ask and every step counts. We polled the team at Claremon, and what really gets under our skin is plastic waste. It is quite literally under our skin – every year we each ingest the equivalent of a credit-card-sized mass of plastic from the food chain.

ReSea [logo]

That’s why we’ve signed a contract this week with the ReSea Project, an international cleanup mission-enabling businesses to combine profit and purpose to help create a better world.

How does it work?

The ReSea Project employs people in local communities to recover plastic waste polluting oceans and rivers across the globe. Alongside the environmental benefits, this enables us all to play a part in improving the lives of the cleanup teams and their families, often in some of the poorest regions of the world.

So from 01/02/2022, the promise we’re making to you is that for every order placed with us, we’ll commission ReSea to remove 10 plastic bottles from the world’s oceans and rivers.

We’re encouraging our customers and business partners to look at this initiative too – every time we present you with an environmentally friendly alternative and you choose it, we’ll undertake to remove 50 bottles.

To celebrate new clients doing business with Claremon, we’ll remove 100 bottles. If that client is referred to us, we’ll remove a further 100 bottles on behalf of the referring company.

By 2025, we aim to be removing a ton of plastic waste from our oceans and waterways every year. Working together, we can make a difference and speed up the clean-up process for our planet.

Closer to home

We began our sustainable journey some time ago, and are already offsetting or capturing carbon in a number of ways.

We work with Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture programme to fund Woodland Trust planting for new native woodlands. In 2022 we’re committing to carbon capture across all paper types and grades, with the longer-term goal of offsetting all materials used in the business.

Moving forwards

This year, we’re also getting even more disciplined about sorting waste, recycling wood from pallets and composting. We’ve committed to reducing waste on materials like Foamex, sourcing alternatives and ensuring full utilisation of offcuts. We’re buying green energy and fuels, and establishing an EV strategy for travel and deliveries.

Environmental audits

We already operate an Environmental Print Audit service to advise our clients about greener alternatives. If you’d like to talk to us about an audit, we’ll undertake to remove 50 more plastic bottles with the help of ReSea! Email us for information on an Environmental Audit.

We’ll be publishing our <0 2030 plan over the next four weeks, with a new action and commitment to start each quarter. Some will be big steps, others smaller, and we’ll all need time to get our heads around a few of them, but all roads will lead to our goal of supporting sustainable business and zero impact by 2030.

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